Fred at the Stand Recording

Fred at the Stand Recording


Thanks for taking part in this special recording, here's some extra help in getting set-up to watch and take part in the show.

There are two parts to this set up, so please read carefully, laugh loudly and gather the family to watch this cracking line-up of comedians.

To get involved, you need a mobile phone, headphones and a laptop.

Each family/bubble member is going to watch and listen to the show on Zoom on a phone/tablet wearing headphones (very important).

The whole family/bubble are going to sit around a shared laptop to record their laughing and applause, with the volume on the laptop off (very very important).

Watching and Listening on a Mobile Phone / Tablet

Fred MacAulay and the rest of the comedians want to be able to see and hear you, the audience, just like a normal gig. You are going to use Zoom to watch and listen the gig - so headphones are essential. Make sure your phone is charged up too.

Treat it just like a gig, so get some refreshments, scrunch up together and share the laughs. Each person should have their own phone and headphones to enjoy the gig - you can share one pair of headphones in one device if you would like to, just so long as you’re comfy.

Turn on your camera, give everyone watching a wave, and Fred might even pick you out of the crowd to speak to!

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Recording all of the Audience on a Laptop / Computer

The laptop is only going to be used to record your laughter and applause, so first thing is to turn off the volume on the laptop completely. With your laptop in the middle of everyone watching the show (coffee table / somewhere stable and plugged into the power), click on the Cleanfeed link. Everyone in the audience is doing the same, so it’s really important to turn the volume on the laptop off.

Click ‘Allow’ so the website can listen to your microphone. Close all other apps, please.

If you don't see the sound meter, click the microphone so it turns green. You won't hear anything from your laptop.

Extra Steps that would help

If you are in a larger group, it’s really helpful to turn your laptop microphone volume to 25% in the Sound Settings. There are easy instructions for PCs here and Apple Macs here.

If you have an external mic and are confident in setting it up, you can use it to record your laughter. Click on the gear symbol on the right, then use the drop-down menu to select the new device.


Can't hear the gig? 

Press 'Join Audio' on the Zoom screen, and make sure your headphones are plugged in all the way.

Try turning the volume of the phone up.

You will not hear comedians on your laptop, so please don't turn the volume on.

Can't see the gig?

On a phone, you can choose to see the main speaker only by swiping the screen to the right. You'll then see Fred or the comedian who is on.

On a tablet, it varies. If you can't swipe to change the view, there will be a button that says 'Speaker View' which will highlight the comedian who is on.

Not sure if it's recording?

It most likely is, there's not much to see on the laptop, so if you've clicked "Allow Microphone" at the start and the microphone symbol has a green background, you're all set.

If you aren't sure if you clicked "Allow" or not, check these steps to make sure it's all good.

It sounds weird

We're trying something new, so if we make a mistake we'll stop the show and fix it. Hopefully, we won't, so if it sounds weird your best bet is to close Zoom and start again. We'll let you back in, no worries.