The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected

A Panel Show without the Twist

The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected is a comedy panel show which Dabster Productions has taken from podcasts to broadcast with BBC Radio Scotland, with the original concept devised by Kevin Anderson and Jo Caulfield.

Hosted by Julia Sutherland and featuring regular team captain Jo Caulfield, each team is challenged to win over the audience’s approval by sharing something good, kind or wonderful that has touched their lives recently. Their teammates, of course, battle each other to find the funniest bad story and win the audience’s vote, whilst everyone steps up to the mic and faces the unexpected without the comfort of knowing what might be coming next..

The first series featured Jason Cook, Tiffany Stevenson, Keir McAllister, Zoe Lyons, Des Clarke and Gareth Waugh plus many many more.

GBU is another great example of Dabster developing ideas as podcasts, before successfully taking a fully formed format to broadcast with the BBC. You can download the original podcasts here.

“I’d get a penis attached, so I’d get paid 19.4% more money.”
Tiffany Stevenson
BBC Minisite