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It’s day four here in Inverness and the sun has gone, a local man asked me this morning if I’d had a good summer. What! Surely it’s not all over already?

The training this morning started with a few bleary eyes after our night out on the tiles yesterday. We gathered in a pub for a warm up drink before heading to The Ironworks to see Glasgow band The Lafontaines. They were loud and some people seemed to enjoy them. They made me feel old. Our night carried on at a pub called Hootenannies where there was a table full of musicians playing traditional Scottish music – much more my style – although – despite my best efforts I couldn’t get t!e rest of the pub to join in with my dancing.

Today, the training got serious! Sean Kerwin, Dabster’s audio ninja has arrived to start sharing his unbelievable skills with the trainees. The day started with a Cubase demonstration followed by some practical editing workshops. Everyone seems to have quickly got the hang of things and the audio packs we’re making for broadcast next week are coming together nicely…. Watch this space for some sneak previews.

The ideas for the audio packs were great! One team has made a piece called “Managing the Midges” told from the point of view of a midgey! Someone else challenged 3 local buskers to see who could make the most money in an hour! The winner is coming in today to have one of their songs professionally recorded by us…. You’ll be able to hear that very soon via our Soundcloud page.

This afternoon Al has started his DJ workshops and people are finally getting the chance to practice presenting – hitting the vocals – banging in the jingles and trying to sound natural. It’s like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time – not as easy as it looks!