4 Extra Stands Up

Dabster gets new talent on air

For over four years BBC Radio 4 Extra have commissioned a continuing series of exciting, different and new comedy from Dabster, continuing the development of our stand up comedy production.

With comedy’s resurgence in broadcast, our challenge was to introduce fresh voices to the network. Recorded in favourite locations around the country including The Stand Comedy Club, Pleasance Islington and in the BBC Festival Gardens, we took the opportunity to feature talent that we believe in, particularly from the amazing pool of Scottish comedians who have a limited outlet north of the border. Over the many series we've brought together over thirty comedians for the biggest live comedy events we’ve produced.

Sold out audiences were entertained by Daniel Sloss, Carl Donnelly, Jo Caulfield, The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III, Lucy Porter, Dana Alexander, Tommy Tiernan, John Moloney, Paul Foot, Vikki Stone, Benny Boot, Gavin Webster, Gary Delaney, Mark Nelson, Ronny Chieng and many more comedians.

The series continues to be broadcast on Radio 4 Extra, with new recordings and broadcasts during the Fringe 2017 hosted by Dane Baptiste and Tiffany Stevenson.

”I made a noise I’ve never made before, and clearly a noise the snake had never heard before..”Daniel Sloss
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