The Lach Chronicles

One man's journey from New York

Our longest running series for BBC Radio 4, The Lach Chronicles are held very dearly by the Dabster team. Lach’s monologues have inspired us all to push creative and experimental conventions.

Lach set up AntiFolk, a worldwide movement that rejects conformity. He ran the longest running open mic night in Manhattan; he has recorded six studio albums and discovered the best breakthrough artists of the 80’s and 90’s. He has now started again in Edinburgh. These are just some of his stories.

Written and produced for Radio 4, The Lach Chronicles is a twelve part continuum spread over three series that illustrates Lach’s persona. On stage he’s engaging, curious and dynamic. He recounts stories from behind his guitar, with a rockstar’s vision and a folk singer’s modesty. In this series we wanted to bypass the live stage environment and connect Lach’s nerve endings straight to your ears.

Recorded and mixed over 2013 - 2016, the Dabster team have poured their souls into the Chronicles aiming higher than ever before. Every sound, piece of music and word has influence over it’s symbiant partner. You are in Sophie’s Bar; you know the bartender. You’ve been to that party, you’ve loved that record.

You are Lach.

Currently repeated on BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra.

So I took apart the VCR to see what light was made of..Series 3, Ep2 Weird Association for the Blind
BBC Minisite