It’s a Funny Kind of Life

Richard Melvin Comedy, Events, Radio

Following on from the success of Feeling Kind Of Funny from earlier in the year, we’re very pleased to announce two new mini series for BBC Radio Scotland, Funny Kind Of Family and Funny Kind Of Love.  Julia Sutherland will introduce and interview a raft of fabulous comedians who are looking for laughs in some of life’s darker places.

Great stand up comedy can really help people to come to terms with difficult situations and difficult feelings, these two series will look at some of the more taboo areas  family life and relationships.We’ve already got Thom Tuck on board, who’s going to talk about how he discovered his real Dad, or more like how his real Dad discovered him.  Deborah Frances White will be talking about her first week with a brand new family.  Rosie Wilby will be looking at the concept of monogamy and whether it’s still worth hanging on to in a modern world and we’ll find out about some of the darker and more difficult elements of long term relationships with Raymond Mearns and Jo Jo Sutherland.  We’ve got a host of other great comedians joining us too, all sharing maybe a little more than they should about some of their most intimate life experiences.

Be in the audience!

We’re recording the live elements of the show at The Stand in Edinburgh on Wednesday 17th September and Tuesday 7th October and tickets are free – but you need to book them via The Stand. It would be great to see you there!