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The summer is here. The man on the radio said so. I was that man on the radio, as a presenter on XFM, so it must be true – right?

Traditionally in radioland, everything shuts down for Xmas and then nothing happens for two months. No one can be bothered, it’s too cold to get the brain in gear and it’s not until the embrace of sweet sweet sunshine blesses our little faces that we can even consider having a productive thought.

Not this year though.

This year it hasn’t stopped at Dabster, and it’s great. We don’t know why, but let’s not jinx it.

Julia DreamOur very own Julia Sutherland makes her BBC Radio 4 debut on the 31st March with Fat Chance, her personal story of how and why she lost six and a half stone in weight – and how it changed her life in more ways than she expected. It’s funny and a little wee bit sad, but she’s rightly very proud of the show.

03_03_15_Dabster_Productions_by_David_P_Scott_FULL-46_webWe’re recording for our new panel show for BBC Radio Scotland. The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected has grown and developed from a podcast two years ago to a six show series, featuring a range of talent from across the UK. Hosted by Julia, with regular guest Jo Caulfield and the likes of Jason Cook, Tiffany Stevenson and Zoe Lyons dropping in, you’re in for a wee treat when the first episode goes out on the 3rd of April.

Julia Julia Julia – there’s more from our queen of prod’ on the iPlayer as she brings you our two parter on how weird families are..

Then there’s Terry Alderton, the Pleasance: 30 Years of Comedy Legends album, John Moloney, Michael….

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