Michael Fabbri's Dyslexicon

Comedy about coping

Michael Fabbri is a dyslexic comedian who battles through life, feeling trapped in the clutches of his condition. He's articulate, persuasive, eloquent and incredibly intelligent, yet somehow his condition makes him feel likes he's stupid.

This two part series was warmly embraced by the comedy community and Dabster were overwhelmed with the number of parents and sufferers who got in contact to thank Michael for sharing his story. In his own words, "This is not a message of hope" and that sentiment has rung true with so many listeners as the condition isn't going anywhere.

Michael explores coping with dyslexia through his childhood and into adult life, coming up against teachers who think they are helping, tourists who thought they needed help and an innocent mistake that led to Michael wearing a stranger's clothes in public.

Recorded in front of a live audience, Michael's hilarious experiences and entertaining opinions on the affliction have reached far across the country, and capture the charm and wit of his brilliant stand up.

"The Student Loan Company made a seriously bad investment in me."Episode 2, Adult Life
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