What's the Story, Ashley Storrie?

Ashley Ashley Storrie, ahhhhaaahahahhaahhahaaa

Born into a family of gangsters, murders and drug dealers, Ashley Storrie is extremely lucky to have Janey and Sean as her parents. They fled the East End of Glasgow with nothing more than they could carry, to save Ashley from the toxic environment that they had grown up in.

This is the story of Ashley, where she came from and the people that made her who she is today. She describes herself as a 'save the marriage baby' and almost forty years down the line - everyday is a new record.

From entertaining the regulars in the pub by singing Shirley Temple songs, to appearing on TV adverts directed by Ken Loach, Ashley was always going to be an entertainer. She was neither here nor there, too posh to be accepted in the East End, too scummy for the West.

The series is a triumph of Ashley's "almost true story" and Dabster's track record in bringing stand-up comedy to life for Radio 4. Ashley's flights of fantasy snap back into reality with a poignancy that has only come to light in recent months, and celebrates the life that her extraordinary family have lived.

And she meets William Shatner.

A triumph in writing and development, moving from 11pm to the 6.30pm slot on the big old R4.

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio 4.

"Mother wasn’t wrong, I was really weird" Ashley Storrie
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