Janey Godley - Still Got It

From Cancelled to Cancer

One of the biggest forces of nature in Scotland, let alone comedy, Janey Godley is back with a kindness.

Never one to shy away from speaking her mind, Janey's voiceovers of the pandemic briefings became a viral sensation, stretching her global reputation every further around the world. (Anyone remember her greeting Mr Trump?)

The videos were endorsed by the First Minister, and Janey was engaged to become a spokesperson for the COVID-19 messaging for the Scottish Government.

That's when the papers turned on her. Someone found something in her podcast, she became the story and within days Janey was cancelled, and rightly so.

Then, the cancer diagnosis came. Ovarian cancer, stage three.

Disappearing from public life, Janey fought back against the disease, and has recorded this incredible mea culpa in Websters Theatre, Glasgow. She holds her hands up, sets the record straight and passes on her new found calmness, reflection and forgiveness to a rapturous home audience.

"Folk say online, everyday, that I need to die. I'm like, 'hold off six weeks'"Janey Godley
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