The world's largest theatre group

We take the largest venue of the Edinburgh Festival out of the Courtyard to a global audience, showcasing and celebrating the world class talent that deserves recognition outside of the Fringe bubble.

Dabster Productions have worked with Pleasance for over seven years, developing their online publishing, on-location reporting and recording and producing live comedy shows. The Edinburgh Festival is when the Pleasance comes home, bringing its family of performers to the eyes of the world on the cobbles of the Courtyard. Dabster takes these performances past the stone walls and out to a global audience.

"I think what you have achieved is amazing."Anthony Alderson, Director, Pleasance


On Demand Comedy and Theatre

The 'Live at the Pleasance' brings live stand up and interviews and features to the ears of over 250,000 listeners every year, whilst in 'Pleasance Bytes' Mark Fisher delves into the minds of theatre visionaries year on year. 'Shaun Keaveny's Live and Languorous is taking a fallow year after three years of irreverent joy, and this year 'Pleasance TV' is taking on a whole new dimension.

The back catalogue of Pleasance Comedy Podcasts are available here.

"The cobbles are still wet with the beer from last night."Tim Fitzhigham

Pleasance TV

Art House Films to Live Fringe coverage

2017 sees the second series of 'Live at the Pleasance' a live magazine show featuring some of the best comedians from the Fringe, which will be broadcast on YouTube, and supporting partners sites each Wednesday and Thursday at 3pm. Hold onto your seats, this has never been attempted on the Fringe before, probably for good reason.

In previous years, Dabster’s loving relationship with Pleasance gave our small crew swathes of creative freedom, with the only brief being “show what we do here..” How to squeeze that into twelve short films? By being as diverse as possible.

There were bespoke interpretive dance performances in the bowels of the Old Town from Little Soldiers; quiet effected interviews between new-age comedy legends; personality splitting transformations and in-depth interviews with some of the heroes from Pleasance you wouldn’t normally consider as you sit in the sunshine coated Courtyard with a light ale.

The alchemy of Theo’s animations, vision and ambition smelted perfectly with Tom’s broad shoulders and professional experience. What resulted was a series of stand alone films that Pleasance, Dabster and the contributing talent are proud to publish to an international audience.

"What - live? Really?"Everyone