The Joke Float

Calamity on calm waters

The Joke Float tells the unofficial story of ‘Pleasance Ahoy’; our epic Olympic summer adventure with Pleasance where we sailed from capital to capital, connecting the London 2012 Festival to the Edinburgh Fringe with a canal boat full of comedians.

What should have been the summer of a lifetime was almost catastrophic, even the bravest of souls began to lose faith during the wettest summer for a hundred years. Whilst the comedy continued at waterside pubs the length of the country, below deck there was trouble brewing. The boat couldn’t move, there were problems with power and water aboard plus cabin was slowly creeping in.

Presented by Janey Godley, this documentary tells the true story behind the mammoth project featuring Tim Fitzhigham, Andre Vincent and the windswept crew of the fair ship ‘Meggie’, with contributions from Reginald D. Hunter, Thom Tuck, Jenny Éclair, Vikki Stone and many more.

"This is a joyful, stupid idea…well done!”Jenny Eclair
BBC Minisite