A Funny Kind of Body

Laughing at things you're not meant to

Cerebral Palsy, obesity and deafness aren't really the sort of things you'd expect to laugh at, but in this show, that's exactly what we'd like you to do.

Continuing our wildly successful 'Funny Kind of..' series, host Julia Sutherland introduces the comedians who dare to tackle the most difficult, personal subjects. Their personal pain is diffused by laughter, and the transformative nature of comedy explored in the process.

Episode 1:
Lee Ridley is The Lost Voice guy, he can't speak - but is still an award-winning stand up comedian. After a 22-year struggle with ME, Viv Gee finally decided to tell jokes about it on stage and Jamie McDonald is blind.

Episode 2:
Mitch Benn lost 11 stone, then found a lot of it again, Francesca Martinez has cerebral palsy but hasn't let that stop her becoming one of the most successful stand ups around, Rhona McKenzie has osteogenesis imperfecta and Chris Broomfield is partially deaf.

What do they all have in common? Jokes. Jokes about these difficult, body related subjects.

"Noises can hurt, light can be tiring.."Viv Gee
BBC Minisite

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio Scotland.