Fred at the Stand

At home, on the stage at the Stand

Fred MacAulay has always been at his very best on stage, and that's where this returning BBC Radio 4 series brings him back to.

There are no gimmicks, tricks or formats - no phone ins or talking points, just one of the best stand up comedians in the country and some specially invited friends in what is commonly agreed to be the best comedy club there is.

Recorded live in The Stand Comedy Clubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow and now in Newcastle.

Series Three broadcasts in December 2020.

"I'll never consider myself 100% Glaswegian, as I've retained the ability to mind my own business.."Fred MacAulay
Series 1 Edinburgh

John Hastings, Sindu Vee, Susie McCabe, Gary Delaney, Jamie MacDonald, Fumbi Omotayo, JoCaulfield, Paul Foot, Zoe Lyons, Wayne Mazadza, Rosie Jones, Mark Nelson, Dave Johns, Ashley Storrie, Jen Brister, Boothby Graffoe, Jason Cook, Jojo Sutherland, Eddy Brimson, Gareth Waugh, Paul Tonkinson, Vladimir McTavish, Athena Kugblenu and Mick Ferry

Series 2 Glasgow

Ria Lina, Eshaan Akbar, Susan Riddell, Hal Cruttenden, Justin Moorhouse, Gareth Waugh, Ninia Benjamin, Gary Little, Jess Robinson, Raul Kohli, Elf Lyons, Chris Forbes, Micky Bartlett, Jay Lafferty, Stuart Mitchell, Andy Askins, Dana Alexander, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd, Helen Bauer, Alun Cochrane,Daliso Chaponda, Elaine Malcolmson, Alfie Brown and Mark Nelson

Series 3 Newcastle

Broadcasts in December 2020