A Funny Kind Of..

Challenging Taboos through Comedy

An accomplished repeating series for BBC Radio Scotland where Julia Sutherland and guests laughs in the face of the last remaining taboos.

‘A Funny Kind Of..’ is a hugely successful and respected returning brand for BBC Radio Scotland. What is it that we should laugh at; what can we laugh at? Mental health, strained family ties and intimate relationships are not aspects of life you’d expect to laugh at, but in this show, that’s exactly what we want you to do.

"We all struggle… comedians are our on-stage friends who share their problems.”John Lloyd
BBC Minisite

A Funny Kind of World

The latest in the series, where we look at the taboos in race, religion and culture through stand-up.

Featuring Tommy Tiernan, Sameena Zehra, Jamali Maddix, Yukiro Kotani and many more..

Funny Kind of World

A Funny Kind of Body

Continuing the ‘Funny Kind of..’ series, host Julia Sutherland introduces the comedians who dare to tackle the most difficult, personal subjects.

Featuring Mitch Benn, Francesca Martinez, Viv Gee and many more..

Funny Kind of Body

Feeling Kind of Funny

Featuring: John Lloyd, Janey Godley, Debs Gatenby, Harriet Dyer, Felicity Ward, Keara Murphy

A two part documentary investigating why mental health issues are so prominent in stand up comedy; how talking about these issues affects the comedians and how the performances challenge the stigma in society.

Comedians often draw on personal experience to produce their material, but what happens when their lives are touched by mental health issues? In this series we wanted to find out why so many performers choose to talk about such personal matters in front of strangers. Six comedians performed to a sold out crowd at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and then listened back their sets the next day. Facing their own words the comedians retold their stories in a different light, explaining why some of the most difficult parts of their lives became the source of some of their best material.

Suicidal tendencies, anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviour are not subjects that you would normally poke fun at, but as presenter Julia Sutherland discovered, laughter can be the best medicine. Consistently our contributors revealed that talking about their problems gave them great relief, and by being open on stage has not only helped themselves to overcome their own issues but also to raise awareness around the world.

A Funny Kind of Love

Featuring: Gail Porter, Raymond Mearns, Bethany Black, Andrew Learmonth, Larry Dean, Tanya-Lee Davis and Rosie Wilby.

Heartbreak, sexuality and breakdowns; infidelity, polygamous relationships and homophobia – not exactly polite dinner conversation, but again Julia introduced a range of comedians with different backgrounds and identities to find out the true stories behind the laughs. The deeply personal nature of this programme made several of the contributors question their actions and feelings, whilst others were more resolute in their attitudes towards their past. Surprising, shocking and heartwarming revelations made this programme a huge success for BBC Radio Scotland.

A Funny Kind of Christmas

Featuring: Hector Bizerk MC Louie, Angus Munro, Darren Connell, Janey Godley, Ashley Storrie, Liz Lochhead, Gareth Waugh, Gary Little, Boothby Graffoe, Jo Caulfield and Eleanor Morton.

A lighthearted look at the compulsory fun expected during the festive period. Julia introduced a vibrant cabaret of performers each with their own tales of tinsel, new socks and over indulgence. As it was Christmas, Angus Munro and Louis performed a very special version of ‘Driving Home for Xmas’ whilst Poet Laureate for Glasgow Liz Lochhead gave us all the feeling of curling up in front of the fire and listening to the crackle of ‘Old Vinyl’.

A Funny Kind of Family

Featuring: Deborah Francis White, Ashley Storrie, Nat Luurtsema, JoJo Sutherland, Fern Brady and Thom Tuck.

Adoption and biological family searches, families with criminal tendencies, sharing a house with overbearing parents in adulthood; storm damaged family trees, unwelcome step-parents, estranged fathers and DNA tests; not things that you’d normally expect to laugh at, but they are a part of the lives of the comedians in this programme. You can’t choose your family they say, and as this programme demonstrates that cliche can be a two edged blade. Behind the glamour and glitz the performers have very real and very personal stories that they have chosen to share, and as it’s family, there’s a degree of normality and acceptance from everyone, even under the most extreme situations.

A Funny Kind of Life and Death

Featuring: Alistair Barrie, Scott Gibson, Mel Moon, Toby Peach,Gary Little, Jack Rooke, Beth Vyse, Elaine Malcolmson

Cancer, life-threatening illness, losing parents and euthanasia - more of the cheery topics that surely must be off limits in comedy..?

In our most challenging programme to date comedians took to the stage in the Fringe Festival 2015 to shine light in the darkness, and make it a little easier to talk about and cope with life's most difficult and challenging times.

Stand-up comic Alistair Barrie and his wife Emily found their newly-wed bliss shattered by a traumatic diagnosis; Scott Gibson came face to face with his own mortality and it profoundly altered his life's course; Mel Moon became so ill she considered euthanasia; and cancer survivor Toby Peach gave as an extract of his self penned Eulogy... to life. Gary Little found humour in his mother's dying moments and his father's morbid fears; Comedian Jack Rooke experienced heart-breaking bereavement as a teenager, but is on a mission to help others seek happiness after tragedy; Beth Vyse turns the story of her own terrifying diagnosis into a surprisingly hilarious and illuminating tale; and Elaine Malcolmson seems to make light of death - but reveals an unexpectedly personal twist.