Live at the Stand

From the best comedy club in the country

The 'Live at the Stand' brand has been a fantastic success for Dabster, growing from a speculative podcast proposal into a multi-series broadcast phenomenon. The original podcast was presented by Richard Melvin, though when picked up by BBC Radio Scotland we thought it best that a slightly bigger name take the reigns.

Sarah Millican hosted the first series, followed by Greg McHugh and latterly by Hardeep Singh Kohli. The premise was simple, get great comedians into one of the best comedy clubs on the planet and then interview them as they stepped off stage. The programme featured the hottest comedians from home and abroad across five series which are still repeated on BBC 4 Extra today.

Sarah Kendall, Paul Foot, Phil Nicol, Brendon Burns, Marcus Brigstocke and Mitch Benn are just some of the household names that came down to The Stand to perform to sell out crowds before cramming into the backstage mop cupboards to have a chat with Hardeep in the last series.

"There are somethings money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s money.”Hari Sriskantha
BBC Minisite