Richard Melvin Presents..

It’s not all paperwork and meetings

A monthly comedy club night hosted by Dabster’s tea boy where we can try out new ideas, trial new talent and record live comedy for our radio series.

Monthly at the Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh Richard Melvin hosts a night of comedy to a packed and somewhat regular audience. The thought was that “10,000 hours is never enough” – how else can we learn new things, discover new talent and tweek new formats?

The live club nights give us a chance to go on safari with all of our production work, and a chance to record for our live comedy programming on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra. So far we have recorded for the John Moloney Show, 4 Extra Stands Up, A Funny Kind of.., The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected and will continue to do so in what is widely regarded as the best comedy club in the country.

Our relationship with The Stand allows us to try new things too, from the pilot podcasts to brand new material from established comedians with no other stage to turn to.

You can get your tickets from The Stand, sometimes there's tickets on the door but not always.

"It’s one of my absolute favourites.."Richard Melvin
The Stand

R.M.P. at the Fringe..

A Fringe Showoff

Richard Melvin Presents…The best of #edfringe!

Your one-stop shop for our pick of the best acts performing at 2015’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.We invited our favourite comics to come join us at The Stand, to play about with different formats, have some fun and most importantly – make us laugh!


More video and sound clips from a fantastic 2015 run are on Soundcloud and YouTube.