Suggs: Love Letters to London

The Nutty Boy on Radio 4

Love letters written to London, recorded live in one of his favourite places of all, Hoxton Hall, Suggs shares his fondest memories of the city with his unique wit, charm and musical highlights from his career. An authentic celebration of what is means to be a Londoner.

A card carrying socialist, leader of the world famous band Madness, friend of a dead pigeon, reluctant television presenter; Suggs is an incredible storyteller with unbelievably true tales. This Radio 4 series takes the words of the man who has truly lived and uses abstract production and music to put the listener into the lens of Sugg’s unusual reality.

Featuring Paul Weller, Jazzie B and Boy George as ambassadors of their spiritual homes in London.

Series One domninated the BBC Radio 4 schedules in March 2019, with Series Two looming in Early 2020.

“It Must Be Love…”Nothing More, Nothing Less
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