The quiz show where the points really matter

In a world full of formats and panel shows chasing the ever-elusive magic - we thought the audience might want in on the action.

Stop the Press, hosted by Grant Stott, is a good old fashioned quiz show. One that you can play along at home with; one that will have you screaming the answers at the radio.

Each week a team of professionals challenge the journalists who report on them. Who knows the most about their own specialised subject; and do our musicians, actors, sports stars and socialites have what it takes to Stop the Press?

Grant is joined by regular team captains, the instantly recognisable five-star comedian Jo Caulfield leads the team of Professionals who strive daily to fulfil their artistic ambitions, play to the best of their physical ability, and have to face the reviews and comments in the papers the next day.

Leading the Press team, is BBC Radio Scotland’s Gary Roberston. Anchor of the daily Good Morning Scotland programme Gary is used to early mornings, hard deadlines and an ever-moving newsphere. He and his fellow journalists are hard to beat.

Featuring Justin Currie, Sean Biggerstaff, Frank McAvennie and for the professionals, and Fiona Shepherd, Siobhan Synnot and Moira Gordon on the journalists team - it's a star packed show that's very popular on BBC Radio Scotland.

"Do you ever think it might just be you..?"Gary Robertson