The Miles Jupp Interviews

Chats with people in armchairs

Live at the Edinburgh Fringe, comes the man who has made the chair of The News Quiz his own, whilst not missing a second of the cricket.

Each day of this run (3rd – 12th August) Miles Jupp – actor, writer and comedian will be sitting down in one of two comfy chairs and having a conversation (ideally in-depth, but you know what people can be like) with a different person of interest. That person will be sitting in the other comfy chair. Unless they chose to stand up at various moments – perhaps in order to make a particularly strident point or perform a judicious mime in order to better illustrate some choice anecdote or other.

These guests should comprise – amongst others; David Gower, Les Dennis, John McCarthy, Jess Phillips, Richard Osman and Jonathan Coe.

“Do come along if this sort of thing takes your fancy.”Miles Jupp
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