HIE Digital Tourism

Webinars and Engagement for Communities

Tourism is Scotland's number one industry, and with technology's capabilities exploding in recent years the global opportunities for small businesses to stand out has never been greater.

Broadcasting live online, these webinars and video essays are designed to build a community of SMB in the HIghlands. Active engagement is key to the success of these series; industry experts and businesses leaders interact with the audience live, sharing best practice, hints and tips and opening avenues of opportunity to parts of Scotland that rely on tourism to survive.

By introducing new technologies and refining existing channels, alongside developing content creation and communication channels, it's more likely than ever that domestic and international tourists will find a small business online, and incorporate them into their plans before even stepping outside.

This continuing series of webinars have been very warmly received by the communities, and have proven to be a big success. Dabster have travelled throughout the Highlands and Europe, expanding the delivery channels and enriching the content we have produced. We've also focused on the style of of presentation - livening up an hour long webinar about technology is possible - and hugely rewarding for all involved.

"Personality is very important here"Tine Thygesen, Founders House
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