Julia Sutherland: Exposed

Questioning Herself

Dabster's very own Julia Sutherland makes her debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Having interviewed dozens of top comedians for her BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland series, she faces her toughest subject yet – herself!

Known for her critical observations and deeply personal confessional comedy, performs daily at the infamous Gilded Balloon for the whole of August.

Her key skill is empathy; connecting intimately with people – whether that’s one-to-one in a radio studio, or with a live audience who secretly share her shortcomings. In this multimedia show – she does both!

Expect music, surprises, and lots of hilarious and revealing stories!

Twitter: @JuliaSutherland Instagram: juliasutherlandstandsup

"1.30pm, 1st - 27th August, just put that."Julia Sutherland
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