Saturday Night Live at the Stand

The unlikely hit of the lockdown

2020: We're not sure anyone saw it coming.

In March, the public were advised not to go to the pub, so Dabster approached our longtime lovers (and best comedy club in the country) about using our streaming skills to entertain everyone at home.

Live, from the empty club, Mark Nelson introduced Jo Caulfield, Phil Jupitus, Gareth Waugh and Vladimir McTavish, and it worked.

A four camera shoot, our favourite cables and a sense of ambition brought the only live show in the country to thousands at home. We had a hit.

Then the Government instructed everyone to stay at home. So we did.

From a flat in Edinburgh, Mark Nelson introduced pre-recorded and produced stand-up from around the world, gaining over 250,000 viewers and raising tens of thousands of pounds to help ensure the survival of The Stand Comedy Club and the comedians who had suddenly lost all of their bookings.

For sixteen weeks, Mark, and his trusty sidekick Al on cameras, built a genuine relationship with the viewers. The interaction between those at home and the 'studio' was key to making the show as close to a comedy club experience as possible.

#hecklemark trended on Twitter every weekend, and the production values and viewing figures eclipsed those of other shows.

Further specials are planned, and if Covid-19 restrictions return, it'll be hard to keep us away again.


Daniel Sloss, Frankie Boyle, Omid Djalili, John Oliver, Jay Lafferty, Alexi Sayle, Barbara Nice, Eleanor Morton, Jessica Fostekew, Lauren Pattison, Des Clarke, Henning Wehn, Tanya Lee Davis, Andy Zaltzman, Mitch Benn, Gregg Proops, Bethany Black, Simon Brodkin, Billy Kirkwood, Carl Donnelly, Paul Sinha, Tom Stade, Rosco McClelland, Miles Jupp, Mary Bourke, Josie Long, Zoe Lyons, Jena Friedman, Jamie MacDonald, Stephen K Amos, Jo Caulfield, Iain Stirling, Lee Ridley, Amy Matthews, Gary Tank Commander and 50 more comedians....

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