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The Lach Chronicles Series 2

The Lach Chronicles Series 2

The reclusive star of the NY Antifolk scene is back! We once again connect Lach's nerve endings straight to your ears in series two of The Lach Chronicles for BBC Radio 4.

  • A lifetime laid bare in sound
  • Psychadelic, touching and unique
  • The start of a audio odyssey
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Funny Kind of Life

Funny Kind of Life

Julia Sutherland confronts the last remaining modern taboos, inviting comedians who joke about love, families, mental health and more to share the true story behind the jokes.

  • Janey Godley
  • John Lloyd
  • Ray Mearns
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The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected

The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected

A comedy panel show where the audience help to decide who is Good, Bad or behaves a little Unexpectedly. Hosted by Julia Sutherland for BBC Radio Scotland.

  • Jo Caulfield
  • Jason Cook
  • Tiffany Stevenson
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Read Al About It.

The summer is here. The man on the radio said so. I was that man on the radio, as a presenter on XFM, so it must b…

We Need to Talk...
We Need to Talk…

I’m so excited that today you will finally get the chance to hear the first episode of Funny Kind of Love, broadcast on…

It's a Funny Kind of Life
It’s a Funny Kind of Life

Following on from the success of Feeling Kind Of Funny from earlier in the year, we’re very pleased to announce two new…

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