Jail Mates

Jenny is a 40 something, adventure-seeking mum, forced to move back in with her parents in a posh suburb of Glasgow after her marriage broke down.

Gerry, a fellow Glaswegian from the other side of town, is currently serving 18 months for stealing books and selling them online.

They write to each other via JailMates.com

Written by and starring Gary Little and Julia Sutherland.

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio Scotland, and a successful stage production.

Terry Alderton’s
All Crazy Now

Terry Alderton sings every song and plays every character in this one man comedy and musical explosion.

Meet Mr Trenchcoat, Victor, Street Kid, Morgan the Free Man and many others and let Terry take you on a sonic journey through comedy and possible madness.

Prepare to be surprised, shocked and delighted. No monkeys were harmed in the making of this show and, of course, he didn’t actually shoot a sparrow.

Series Two is now in production for broadcast later in 2016

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio 4.

A Funny Kind of World

Race, religion, culture, difference and unity aren’t really the sort of things you’d expect to laugh at, but in this show, that’s exactly what we’d like you to do.

Host Julia Sutherland introduces the comedians who dare to tackle the most difficult, personal subjects. Their personal pain is diffused by laughter, and the transformative nature of comedy explored in the process.

Featuring Tommy Tiernan, Dana Alexander, Yuriko Kotani, Des Bishop, Tez Ilyas, Seemena Zehra, Brendon Burns and many more..

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio Scotland


2016 has been our most successful year with the Pleasance, featuring six bombastic live YouTube shows hosted by Lucy Porter, Susan Calman, Mark Watson and John Hastings – plus the incredible Pleasance Comedy Podcast featuring stand up and chat from the Courtyard.

BBC Radio 4 Extra Stands Up with Zoe Lyons and Jo Caulfield

Over two spectacular shows Zoe Lyons and Jo Caulfield each introduce some of the most exciting, explosive and hilarious comedians from the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Both shows are now fully booked, but you can hear the broadcasts on 4 Extra on the 20th and 27th August.

The Lach Chronicles

Lach was the King of Manhattan’s East Village and host of the longest running open mic night in New York. He now lives in Scotland and finds himself back at square one, playing in a dive bar on the wrong side of Edinburgh. His night, held in various venues around New York, was called the Antihoot.

He played host to Suzanne Vega, Jeff Buckley and many others, he discovered and nurtured lots of talent – including Beck, Regina Spektor and the Moldy Peaches – but nobody discovered him.

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio 4.

Michael Fabbri’s Dyslexicon

Comedian Michael Fabbri is dyslexic, but this programme is not a message of hope and encouragement. This programme is a catalogue of mistakes and challenges that Michael has faced throughout his life.

This hilarious account of his school years details the mental scarring of being forced to play Romeo and being confronted with surprise bible readings.

A Dabster Production for BBC Radio 4.